Your Idea, His Idea

„The horse knows. He knows the human twenty to one. It’s amazing how much he’ll get out of things, how he’ll fill in for as little as the human knows about him. 
How that horse can handle it has always been a mystery to me. Put yourself in his shoes to live your whole life where no one knows who you really are. Well, I haven’t met a human yet who compares to a horse. A human couldn’t take it. 
See, you can get a horse to do something if you’re tough enough, just like you can with a human. 
But a willing communication is a different matter. 
You fix it so the horse can try, then you allow him to work it out. You have to give him that dignity. You make your idea his idea.
I believe these colts, I trust them. 
I always trust they can buck too. Don’t think they won’t.
Just keep fixing it up and let them find it. Don’t try to make it happen. 
Prepare to position for the transition. The transition is the last thing that happens. And don’t try to be boss.“

– Ray’s words are from an article ‚Ray Hunt: The Cowboy Sage‘ written by Gretel Ehrlich and appeared in the Shambhala Sun, July 1998.

500px / Photo "look" by Yevgeniy Zhenikov

500px / Photo „look“ by Yevgeniy Zhenikov

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