Working out together

Long walks through the forest, a morning jog or a bike ride? Going for a swim in the lake? Okay, we’ve done that countless times… what next?

Many of us workout – whether at a gym or at home – regularly while our dogs hang out at home waiting for us to go do one of the things listed above with them. Why not combine the two things and workout together?


I made this video yesterday, more out of silliness and fun than anything else, but it might give you some ideas. You could make certain workouts into a game so that your dogs‘ mind and body get stimulated as you work out.

Some other things I do regularly with my dogs that I didn’t show, is telling them to lay down somewhere and practice our „stay“ while I workout nearby. Even if your dog has a great stay, you might find him or her having difficulty staying calm and in one place while you are doing jumping jacks or running back and forth! Give it a try… go out with your dog and try some of these things out and I promise you: you will come home sweating and your dog will be panting and wagging his tail right at your side.


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