Who Changes Who?

There are two things every animal-lover becomes aware of…

  • We get the animal we need (one that teaches us patience, leadership, sensitivity – whatever it is we need to learn)
  • We are very similar to our animals!

Lately I have been noticing more and more the similarities between me and my dog. Sometimes I wonder if those characteristics were mine before I had him in my life. Did I “learn” those behaviors from my dog?

They’re all very subtle things, and I’m sure many animal owners can relate with me on this feeling. There are little glimpses of our animal that we can deeply relate to.

The more I’ve been noticing these similarities between Mowgli (my dog) and I, I’ve been wondering… Who changed who? Did he become more like me or did I become more like him? Who changed the most? Did we meet “halfway” and change just enough to fit together so perfectly?

It must be a bit of both, and I do admit that sometimes being so similar can be an obstacle on its own. Just how two dominant creatures won’t have the best harmony, certain behaviors clash.

I like the thought that we meet (animals) as strangers and sort of melt into each other until we form a great communication. Your thoughts become theirs and vice versa…

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