What horses and dogs bring out in us

My passion for horses is just as enormous as it is for dogs.

I love them equally but for different reasons. Today I was thinking about how funny it is that I enjoy working with these two species that actually have very little in common. It seems to come down to something basic and true: dogs make us more human and with horses we have to be everything but human (by that I mean being in a predatory state of mind).

Dogs have evolved and been bred to truly understand us. They can read our expressions, smell our sickness, our sadness, fear yet rejoice when we’re happy. We don’t have to work hard to communicate with them. Humans and dogs just are a team. Humans and dogs mesh beautifully and truly were made for each other. Working with dogs, you will, usually, be successful acting on instinct and gut-feelings.

We’ve also been with horses for a very, very long time. But they aren’t bred and evolved in the way dogs are. Mainly, of course, because they are prey animals and dogs and humans are predators. With them we have to work on our horsemanship. We have to softer, softer, softer in our body language. Through working with them, we change our way of life for the better. Where as dogs just fit in at our side with no second thoughts.

But that’s the beautiful thing. Both species are more honest, balanced, in the moment than any human can ever be.

They are the best teachers and I believe that by working with both we achieve a wonderful balance between true humanness and the ability to not think purely human.

Unknown photographer/title I own no rights to this photo

Unknown photographer/title
I own no rights to this photo

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