We’re back!

“Tom Dorrance once said, ‘You can learn anything with these three words – observe, remember, and compare.’ He said that beyond that, learn to adjust to fit the situation. That always meant so much to me. The last time I was around Tom, he said, ‘Don’t treat them like they are. Treat them the way you’d like them to be.’ At the time, I didn’t know whether he was talking about horses or people. Later, I realized that he was talking about both. I remind myself of that from time to time. Because sometimes, people might come into a clinic defensive, scared, upset, or emotional. The best part of the person isn’t gonna come out the first day. But if I do my part and help them along, I get an opportunity to see the best part of the person as time goes by.”- Buck Brannaman

Humanima is back! Over the last week or two (more?) I’ve been moving my entire life from California to Germany. Now that I’ve finally started to settle in a bit, Humanima is running full power!

I am working on 2 fun DVDs, coming out in about two months. They’ll explain how to be with dogs and how to teach them amazing skills. Most everything you’ve seen my dog, Mowgli, do will be explained in easy steps. The first DVD will be entirely focused on the basics of building a good relationship with your dog–the things you really need to know when you have a canine running around your house. The second DVD will be a blast; packed with all sorts of tricks and advanced skills.

Stay tuned!

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  1. i really wait for that. Your realationship with your Dog is amazing. I m looking forward for this. Hope that i can build a better dogmanship.

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