How we are with animals is a life style – not a method. We should practice these concepts and mentalities in all other parts of our lives, too, not just when we’re with our horses and dogs.

The goal is to embody who we want to be when we are with our animals. One way to escalate this process (which is a life time journey) is to do things like visualize what it is you are practicing/training with your animal. So even when you are far away from them, it’s night time, or the weather is too lousy to be outside, you can close your eyes and rehearse how you will react in certain situations or how exactly you want something to be done.

Other things that help are, for example, improving your posture. This is especially relevant to riders, but also very important to dog owners. Don’t slouch around all day and then suddenly work on posture when you are on your horse. Work on it before so that you already have good posture when you need it the most.

Little things like these examples will make the world of difference in your progress! What is something you find that you have to continuously practice in order to be prepared?


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