Using Grass as a Tool

Some people complain about their horse always diving down to eat grass instead of listening to them.

How can we turn that behavior into something that will benefit us? For starters, you won’t have to spend money on horse treats – just bend over and pack a fist-full of fresh stems! Much healthier for your horse, anyways…

But why not get rid of your horse’s habit and gain their interest in what you’re asking of them at the same time? I start out by making a „rule“ between me and a horse that I don’t want them pulling me towards the grass or going down to eat it whenever they have the tiniest opportunity (you know how some horses are…).

I put a lot of pressure on my horse when they want to go down to eat grass while we’re doing something. When they come to me or do what I had asked for, we take a break and I give them a huge handful of grass or allow them to graze for a moment. That way I become their doorway to eating. Through working with me and paying attention, they get what they want!

You’d be surprised how fast horses get the hang of this „game“. Right when they notice how they can get to their treat, they’ll act fast!

Unknown Photographer I own no rights to this Photograph.

Unknown Photographer
I own no rights to this Photograph.

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