What is it about playing tug-‚o‘-war? The answer to, „Is it okay to let my dog pull on a rope for a bit?“ is quickly answered with an exuberant, „Absolutely!“ or a disappointed, „Never.“

I’ve always been on the fence about it. I’d rather stay neutral on a game that I haven’t actually seen do any harm, but also over-excites dogs in some instances so that they are „out of control“ for their human. It’s actually an ideal exercise to train or test your „drop“ command – that’s how I use it. My dog can pull and pull on a rope or toy and I’ll play with him for as long as he wants, but only if he drops immediately when I ask that of him.

Then I was reading one of Temple Grandin’s books and she mentioned that there was a study done on playing tug-‚o‘-war with dogs. They took two groups of Golden Retrievers and played tug-‚o‘-war with one group only (forgot what they did with group B – just had them sit around?). Group A, tug-‚o‘-war group, was actually more obedient afterwards. Hmm… Not sure what to make of this, but it’s great food for thought!

What are your experiences with your dog?

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