Tire Toy

The wall of the indoor arena where I ride is lined with toys.

On Saturday, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, nor to fill up the entire arena with random things. Just one simple object that I could get creative with! As I reached for a hula hoop, my hands landed on a… bike tire! Not the tire itself, but the outside rubber rim.

Genius.With that bike tire, I could ask the horse to move around, pass over the tire and stop with only her front right hoof in the tire ring. She’s a bit of a “make my day” mare and this really got her attention! She hung on my every move: what should I do? Which hoof do you want in that ring? Back or front? Here or there? Where??? I’ll do it as soon as possible!

What a great feeling. So, the great thing is that it doesn’t stop with horses.

No, no, no.

You could use this as a hoop for your dog to jump through! Or a hanging toy for your birds! The list goes on. Point is: we can find any object (it may even be seen as trash by others) and use it in as many ways as possible.

Heck, the next time your bike gets a flat, you’ll be jumping for joy! You’ll have a full day of fun ahead of you with your animals and that punctured tire ring. Yippee!

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