The Pyramids

A diagram drawn by Karen Rohlf

“The Pyramid” by Karen Rohlf

What is your foundation when working with animals? What do is your priority?

The ideal pyramid, for me, would be the one on the right: a big block of Happy holding up the rest and allowing me to build upon it. And technically both pyramids have the same things layered on top of each other. The difference lies in how much of each thing is in each pyramid – how much importance we place on them.

Happiness is hardly worth anything on the left pyramid… as a matter of fact, it seems that because there is so little of it holding the rest up, the whole pyramid might just tip over! It’s unstable.

It’s when we spend a lot of our time being happy and causing happiness (in our animals) that we have a strong foundation and can achieve our goals (perhaps dressage) successfully and with ease.

“I am happy. Because I am happy it is easier to be in harmony with my horse. When in harmony I am able to communicate with him about some techniques that lead to dressage.”

 Karen Rohlf

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