The ONE Thing…

Sometimes, at our best, we have that one thing, that one element, that we haven’t grasped or followed through with.

The man in the video might not be directly talking about animals, but it’s some good brain food for all parts of life.

Some people have a wonderful understanding and relationship with their horse. They’re nice and soft but there’s one thing that’s missing. The energy! Enthusiasm and responsiveness are missing. Others have the exact opposite situation and can’t seem to get a handle on how much energy they have. With them, the communication and relationship is missing.

Since watching this clip, I can’t get it out of my head when I’m faced with a situation. I always have to figure out what that “one thing” is that might be standing in my way. It’s a simplified way of viewing the bigger picture.

Instead of thinking, “I have to do this and this and this…” I think, “Well I’ll try this one thing out and see if that’s what’s been missing.” If my horse isn’t being responsive, or my dog, I might see if they are motivated enough. Do I have less “problems” after I’ve motivated them a bit? Or do I need to work on them being more calm? Or get their attention more on me?

Sometimes we have all the pieces lined up but we still have this one thing that we can’t figure out to finish the big picture. And that’s what makes life fun.


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