The Kind…

When I was little, there were two kinds of adults:

  • The kind who really „tried to get you“ in a game of tag – leaving you giggling and running as fast as you can, not able to believe they haven’t caught you yet.
  • The kind that wanted to make it easy and lamely jogged after you like, „oh no… I’m gonna get you…“

Kind #1: awesome!! That’s what I strive to be for my animals. „The kind“ of human who makes it interesting, challenging, and so fun that they’re left out of breath – but happy. Someone who motivates them with just the right amount of intensity and playfulness (the adult could tag you, but it’s a game and they want to make it interesting…).

It comes easily when I train with my dog: we’re always on our toes, ready to go left, right, jump, back up, spin… But, depending on the animal too of course, it can be an amazing balancing act! And the key that is hard for us to grasp, is that we have to make it just as challenging for us. We have to be having that much fun too! So if both of you are stimulated by what you’re doing – learning a new maneuver or dealing with a challenging situation – the better.

Let’s avoid the same-old, same-old!

Unknown photographer

Unknown photographer

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