The 8 Core Values

This is from the Parelli program: so great to keep in mind with or without animals!

Put the Relationship First

  • – whether with your horse, partner, family, co-workers, customers, vendors or business partners.
  • – use open, honest and respectful language (non-violent communication).

Be the Best Me I Can Be

  • – pursue a positive perspective.
  • – be impeccable with your word.
  • – be solutionary.
  • – don’t take things personally.

Get it Done, with a Little Fun (Create Fun with Individuality)

  • – celebrate individuality – you are free to be yourself
  • – have fun activities outside of work without horses sometimes

Exceed Expectations ‘WOW’ Service

  • -whether you are an instructor or in Parelli Support, aim to deliver more than the student or customer expects, everyone is a customer

Embrace Never Ending Self-Improvement

  • – for us individually, as a team and as a family
  • – nurture learning and change
  • – embrace imagination an creativity
  • – create support and promote opportunities for personal and professional growth

Do More With Less

  • – how can we be more efficient and effective
  • – work smarter, not harder
  • – how can we best utilize the resources we have

Be Humble

  • – service above self
  • – be an ‘active parent’ and put your family’s needs before that of yourselves
  • – be inclusive not exclusive (not autocratic)
  • – values before egos
  • – being authentic about helping the world from the ‘spirit’ of humility

Truth, Transparency and Trust

  • – honesty
  • – zero gossip

Keep it Natural

  • – it’s a lifestyle choice

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