Stop and eat the grass

Perhaps we need a different name for going outside with our dogs.

Going for a „walk“ paints that picture: walk and walk some more and if you’re not walking, well, hurry up and stop sniffing the ground! But, for most dogs, this is the only time they are able to be outside and do as they wish. Not to mention everyone claiming you should be constantly entertaining your dog and vice versa.

Who is this walk for? Hopefully it’s for your dog.

Yes, there are days when we are busy, sick and rushed. For your sake and for your dog: Stop. Stop walking, let your dog take in the scents, chew on a stick, drink from a muddy puddle (or even play in it?!) and act like, well, a dog in their natural surroundings.

Every dog enjoys different activities – this post is not insinuating that all you should do is stand around with your dog. But maybe on your next walk, take a seat on a bench and, unless you really need to take control of them, let your dog be – be quiet and simply enjoy the fresh air.

My dogs are absolutely loving the fresh, juicy, plump spring grass shooting up from every corner at the moment. So I make sure that I allow a portion of our walk to be designated to them eating it (and rolling around in it) to their heart’s content.

This is their time – I owe them at least that much.

Photographer: Atanas Teodosiev

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