Science & Animal Activism

I have found Marc Bekoff to be a wonderful animal activist and behaviourist – he has such a clear, common-sense way of presenting ideas and concepts! The topic of animals, their emotions, and how they are, or rather how they should be, treated in today’s world is a topic I often have trouble explaining: finding the “right” words can prove itself extremely challenging.

But there are people, like Marc Bekoff, who speak out! They find the right words from practice and long hours of thought about the issue/s. Below is a video of him from 2009, as well as one of the quotes I really enjoyed from it – written out just for you.

“But the important thing to remember is when people say, ‘Oh, but animal emotions aren’t like ours, so therefore they don’t have them’: There’s no reason why they should be like ours! In fact, my joy is not like everyone’s in this room, but it would be wrong to say that I have it and you don’t, or vice versa.” – Marc Bekoff

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