Ring of Bright Water

The other day, my boyfriend introduced me to the old classic: Ring of Bright Water. A movie any animal-lover would adore!

Right when I heard that it was about a man who adopted an otter, moved to Scotland, and it was a true story, well… It was even better than I had expected. Mij, the otter, is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and is always making cute otter sounds.

I had never heard the sound an otter makes before! I had a smile on my face the entire movie and couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the gerbil-like otter grunts and squeaks.

Mij wanted to come along on one of the trips!

Mij’s human originally lived in London, and took a very exciting bus and train trip all the way to Scotland, simply so that Mij could have a great life by the water. This movie really has everything a great movie is made of. Even a few tears at the end…

I wanted to let you know about my awesome movie discovery, but I’m not going to give away everything. Watch it yourself. Here’s the trailer!

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