Respect or Fear?

“The [animal or human] needs to respect you, but sometimes people confuse respect & fear. And they’re not the same at all.”
– Buck Brannaman

For most people “respect” –> dominance –> submission –> intimidation.

If they feel threatened because someone (or animal) doesn’t “respect” them, they lash out. Start yelling at their dog, turning a shoulder to a friend, smacking a horse (or getting a bigger bit). Remember, for many, respect = submission through intimidation.

Let’s say a dog finally submits. They don’t want to get yelled at any more and they don’t want any more forms of punishment. That’s not respect. That’s fear. We can spot respect in our animals when they would die to be with us, but are respectful of our space and requests. Our dog does not respect us when he tucks his tail between his legs and hunkers down (these are, again, signs of fear). In order to get respect, be a good leader. Be patient, demonstrate how you would like things done, and follow through with your demands. Respect will come.

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