Remembering Tom Dorrance

‚“Tom Dorrance is the only person I know of with the ability to put his emotions and motives aside and focus on the horse’s emotions and motives. Tom would say; „Before the inside of the horse can be right, the inside of the person needs to be right.“ 

Tom had a gift from God. Money couldn’t buy it. Tom couldn’t sell it. People went to great lengths to get it, Tom couldn’t give it away. In this mechanized, hi-tech age, it’s hard for people to grasp something as old as a breath, two souls striving for an inner peace.

It would be frustrating for me not being able to do something with a horse, but if I would just think of some of the things Tom repeated over and over, it helped me. Like “fix it up and wait.” I didn’t mind fixing it up until the sweat was pouring off me and I was out of air, but that waiting was real hard for me.

I regret being so thick-headed and taking so much of Tom’s time with so little to show for, but I am truly grateful that he prepared me to find the doors and open them up to find what he wanted me to find.“‚

– Martin Black

Martin’s quote and the image of Tom are from an article titled ‚Remembering Tom Dorrance‘ written by Eclectic Horseman –

Tom Dorrance Unknow Photographer

Tom Dorrance
Unknow Photographer



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