Please be silly

When I was a child, my dog was also my imaginary dragon. He was my fellow detective on imaginary missions with my friends (although they were very real to us at the time).

If you had a dog as a child, do you remember how silly you were with him or her? I see so many people becoming overly serious when it comes to all things dog.

And there is a need to take responsibility and be serious, yes. But not all of the time. Your dog and you don’t always need to behave and be proper.
Let your dog make you giggle. Try not to find it embarrassing when they misbehave – laugh about it. Life goes on.

You and your dog were not put on this earth to follow rules day in and day out. It can be a good reminder sometimes, when we are neck deep in our busy lives, to bring back some of that childish fun, silliness and creativity.

So, please… be silly!

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