Passing of a friend

I’m dedicating this post to my childhood friend, and sidekick in all the best adventures: Toska. He passed away last night.

It’s the bitter-sweet truth of what we, as animal lovers, evidently have to face. We all deal with it differently, and have our own stories and experiences. But in the end, it’s quite an emotional shock.

For me, it’s a huge reminder of the limitless, great moments animals share with us and how much more grateful we should be every day we’re with them. Above is a picture of me as a child with my dog, Toska, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

So, put time aside in your day to be with those you love – humans and animals. We’re all here for a short time and our pets are here for, unfortunately, less time than that.

How have you dealt with the passing of a beloved pet? How did it affect or change you?

I’m forever thankful to Toska for all that he taught me – my first dog, and a sweet, sweet teacher.



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