Our Presentation Isn’t Right

„The human isn’t near as interesting to work with as the horse. The horse is always wide open to you. There’s no selfishness, no pride or ego in his way and a lot of times the human has things in his way to hold him back.
I think most humans really want to get along with the animals. But what they don’t know is that self-preservation is very strong in a horse. The horse is scared, doesn’t know how to do something and wants to protect himself. He’s telling us he has to be sure of what’s taking place. We don’t look at it that way.
Most things we want to do with animals are good ideas, but our presentation isn’t right. It’s too demanding. We’re not letting the horse learn it and not fixing it so HE can make it happen. The horse can figure things out, if we allow him, but we’re taking his mind away from him and replacing it with ours.“

– Ray Hunt

Photo: Jeremy Bishop

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