No Rush

The slower you do it, the quicker you’ll find it.

– Ray Hunt

Ray Hunt

These last few days have been a reminder for me to take things slow, reward immediately for the slightest try, and have fun. Not just with horses, but with humans and other animals, as well!

I will touch on this subject in future posts I’m sure, because its importance is not to be ignored. Sometimes all it takes is just an ear, a hoof, or a lean from your companion (animal or human-animal) in the right direction. Release (by relaxing your body or rope, etc.) right when you feel and see these slight changes, even if your end goal is a piaffe, an advanced ultimate frisbee maneuver, or simply a friend working up the courage to do something brave. Be supportive by paying attention to the subtlest of signs!

Sometimes, most the time, it only takes that tiny little release, that itty bitty hint to make all the difference. But you have to go slow to notice these things you should be rewarding. So take your time, there’s no rush, and try to feel things through – noticing even the tiniest ear twitch.

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