My Job

I find my job so, so interesting.

Not only the process of teaching dogs to lead their blind owners through busy cities and really watch out for them in general, but the people that are around me as I do that. It’s a whole new angle on our culture. There are people who stare (stop and stare, turn around and stare as I walk away – thinking I’m blind, even though it says „in training“ on my dog’s harness).

There are people who talk out loud about me or my dog while I am right next to them, apparently thinking that blind people are deaf, too („that lady’s blind!“ And other commentary about my training). People make rude remarks as I pass by, „Oh, that poor dog!!! He has to work all day.“ (false.) Or, the worst, purposefully try to distract my dog – putting an actual sausage or bread infront of their nose is normal…

But what I love to see, is the parents explaining my dog’s job to their kids, that kid’s amazement, and the people who go WAY out of their way to help me – thinking i’m blind. I’ve had people bike from two to three blocks away to ask if I need help finding my way. That really warms my heart! No, thank you, just training… But anyway, it’s great seeing how different people react.

Every person walking past me or standing around definitely has a reaction, and it’s kinda neat being able to observe people who think i’m blind (I don’t act blind, it’s just that I’m walking with a guide dog).

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

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