Mustangs, Mustangs, Mustangs!

This weekend has been all about: Mustangs. I went to the BLM Wild horse & Burro adoption in Santa Rosa, California, with a few others from the ranch on Friday. Then, on Saturday, we went again as good-will ambassadors. Meaning that we came with mustangs from our ranch that were gentled and could be ridden, and so on.

While we were there, some mustangs caught our attention. They were all stunning, but a few had a character we liked, as well. Three ladies that board at Windhorse (the ranch) brought home a mustang, and I got a mustang „halter project.“

What it means to bring home a halter project, is that I pick up a mustang from the adoption and work with him. Then, in a few months (in my case, I have until July of this year), he goes to another adoption to hopefully have a better chance of finding a home. Until then, I gentle him (getting to the point where I can pet him, put halter on, do things with him, etc) and over all get him set up to be a great horse for someone.

The gelding I ended up having as a project horse is pretty calm around people. Here’s a picture of him on the first day he arrived:

I had my first session with him today and will document everything I do with him, so stay tuned! Since I plan on working with him in the early mornings and then again in the evenings, I’m going to post the video (or two longer ones) on here the day after they were filmed. So I will post my first two sessions with him tomorrow.

This is gonna be great!

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