Mustang Project: Amazing Progress!

I am blown away by my mustang project. His new name is Eclipse, and he is such a smart, confident boy.

Today marks my fourth day working with him, and he’s already wearing a halter! Definitely accepting of human contact… especially if that means getting kisses on his muzzle! I’m documenting all of his progress.

This means that I’m filming all of my sessions with him (and posting the videos to my Youtube channel), writing everything that I do with him in a notebook. Doing this allows me to observe and track my progress in a whole different way. Not to mention that it’s always fun and eye-opening to look back on old photos and videos. We tend to forget how much progress we truly made after a while! It also lets me see what worked and what didn’t.

So much happens and improves every time I play with Eclipse. He’ll go from being skittish about me touching him, to letting me rub his shoulder and neck within a half hour. Same goes for touching his face, and putting a halter on with little fuss.

To me this proves just how smart and curious he is, because before I started with him, he had little to no handling.

Some pictures of Eclipse and me earlier this morning (6 a.m., actually…):

First time wearing the halter!

Here is my third and fourth session with him. Enjoy!

You might have to press “full screen” to view the commentary I wrote at the bottom of the video.


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