Me and my Horse

Me and my horse, Oliver, a few years ago. When I got him he was a very flighty, spooked horse. Being able to communicate together, and from behind him, was a huge triumph for both him and me.
Zone „5“ is the area behind a horse’s tail.

I hope this video inspires you and/or gives you some ideas.

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  1. Ah, some AWESOME footage of Oliver, the gentle giant 🙂

    Although I still remember when you first told me you want to buy him.
    You were 13 years old, and you said — „There’s this great horse that the owner doesn’t know to treat right… he’s really tall, and just wants to gallop real fast all the time, and the guy has to ride him into the corner of the arena to stop him.“ Great, I thought, exactly the kind of horse I want my teenage daughter on 😀
    Just took a short trial for you to turn this horse totally around… such a smart horse and cuddle bug! Makes my heart go all squishy to see him again. Cool moves, too!

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