Man Who Crawls With Lions…

Completely wild lions and a completely confident man meet in this video.

A friend sent it to me and it blew me away. Not only because this man, whose name is not given, crawled toward a wild lion on his hands and knees and survived, but also because of how he went about doing it.

To me, it confirmed that body language truly is universal. The only reason this “lion man” walked away from this encounter alive, is because of his body language savvy. The main tactic he used is, in the horse world, called “approach and retreat”.

This means that you approach the animal and when it gives you attention you retreat (walk backwards away from the animal or even turn around and walk away). Then when the animal acts in a negative or aggressive manner, like the wild lion in this video, you approach again (walk towards them).

When something negative comes up and you need to approach to drive them away, you can put your hands up or make a noise. This sends the message that you didn’t want what the animal just did and that was exactly what the man did. It surprised the lion, and prevented a possible attack.

Approach and retreat! Retreating will draw them towards you and enhance curiosity. Approaching can be down in a friendly manner to greet them after they have approached you, or to drive them away from your space (waving arms and making noise if needed).

Enjoy the video and observe this body language tool!


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