“Love Ya!”

Everything comes to an end – a great ride, a long walk with the dogs, and your purring cat gets up and leaves the bed at some point… What’s important, which we often forget to cherish, is how things come to an end.

When I finish working with a horse I take a moment to just enjoy hanging out and maybe hand out a carrot or two with a scratch. Plus my dogs always get a long walk and a game of fetch after some training.

This video is not directly about animals, as the cowboy said himself, but he might as well be talking about ending a training session. It’s important to say bye to those we love. As sad as it is, we never know when we’ll see someone again, and it doesn’t matter how old or healthy you are! But the same goes for animals.

Even if your ride didn’t go as well as you’d hoped for, I find it important to show your horse you still care, you love them and that it’s no one’s fault how things turn out. Leave the place with a good feeling.

So this short video came from Cowboy Dressage (well, their FaceBook page posted it – don’t know where the video came from!) and it just warms my heart!

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