Limiting Ourselves

We can always advance and approve upon what we’re capable of. We either take it, or we slouch a bit and mumble, “Oh, you know, I’m not quite there yet. I wouldn’t be able to do that, because I’m not good enough. Maybe I’ll just stick with the basics for another year or two.”

The funny thing is, if any of us felt what we were truly capable of, boy would we be surprised…

While I do believe in a solid foundation, and taking the time that’s needed to build confidence and great communication, we have to challenge ourselves. When are we good enough? I thought about writing this post while playing with my mustang project this morning – such a smart, playful and confident boy! He surprises me every second. I ask him to do something and then stand there, with my jaw on the ground, watching him do exactly what I asked for with perfect ease and calmness. As if he’s been doing it all his life! When in reality, he was wild a month ago…

If we limit ourselves and “pull on the reins” too much, we won’t ever get anywhere that will take our breathe away. You never know what you’re capable of until you’ve tried it, and it will amaze you. Really. I’m always learning when I play with my animals, and I feel as if they’re just waiting to do something even more unique and crazy. They can do it! We have to keep our minds wide open and not have boundaries and limitations deciding what we can or can’t do.

Here are a few pictures of Eclipse, my mustang project, this morning:

In the picture below, Eclipse is standing on a “bridge”. Seconds before, he was snorting at it and acting pretty spooky. It would have been easy to say, “Oh, gee. Better stay away from that bridge! He’s scared of it! Let’s avoid it!” Instead, I let him calm down and investigate. A minute later he was standing on it! The only other thing he’s stood on, when I ask him, was a pedestal in the arena.

A minute or two after the picture above was taken, I thought I’d see if I could ask Eclipse to walk across the bridge. He walked right over without any spookiness or worry. He knew I wouldn’t ask him do anything he wouldn’t be able to manage!



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