Lead The Way!

“The horse seems to wanna please the human and so many times if the human isn’t much of a leader well then the horse has gotta do it’s own thinking. The horse isn’t really designed very well to be the leader but just because the horse is responding to ya, I don’t really think of it as it succumbing to you. I think it’s more of the horse sort of joining you, being more of a partner.”

– Buck Brannaman

With all animals, and people, the question is… who’s leading the way? Who is keeping an eye out for the group?

If we don’t step up as the leader, someone else will.

So we have no right to scorn our animals when they decide to take on the leadership role. They simply never saw us as a good enough leader.

Time to lead the way! Prove to them that you are a wonderful, deserving leader – through understanding and communication, not aggression.

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