Is Fear A Good Thing?

The hairs on your neck stand up straight and goose bumps spread across your skin.

You can choose to ignore your body’s signs of fear, or get yourself out of the situation.

While I don’t think it’s good to be a fearful person, one who never dares to step out of their comfort zone, fear plays a crucial role in keeping us alive and we have to listen to that sometimes.

Riding a horse is the perfect example. A rider needs to take their fears seriously and not put themselves or their horse in unnecessary danger. But how do we know what fears to listen to? What action should we take about it?

There are a lot of small fears and phobias that will hold us back. The key, especially when working with animals, is preparation. Observe your fears, evaluate their validity, and make a plan how to overcome them. Take the time to prepare and practice with your animal.

It is worth taking the time it takes if it may save your life at some point. This way, you have done all you can to stay safe: you’ve prepared, and know what you are capable of and how far you feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone. Then, when you are confronted with an obstacle, you will listen to your body.

Prepare, take yourself seriously, observe. Stay safe!

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