Humanima’s Booklist: MUST Reads.

Most everyone has some book or writing that they cherish. Maybe they even keep it by there bed – perhaps it’s a religious book.

For me, it’s these two books. Yep, Tom Dorrance is like a God to me and I would give so, so much to have met him. He passed away a while ago, but is known today as the grandfather of natural horsemanship. The two books, „Tom Dorrance, More Than A Horseman“ and „True Unity – Willing Communication between Horse and Human“ are packed with knowledge.

In my life time, I will probably read them countless times to work on understanding more and more of what made Tom the man he was. He almost seems like a super-human, super-hero. As these books aren’t novels, I can’t go on too much about what they are „about“. They are about life, how to view it, deal with anything, adjust any situation… see animals in a knew way. See yourself in a new way.

True Unity has a written section by Tom and ends with people’s stories about Tom – what they learned, their thoughts and so on. More Than A Horseman was made as a kind of Memoir for Tom. After he died, they put this book together of amazing, life-changing stories from many horsemen and horsewomen who met Tom. Some met him no more than once or twice, but have life lessons that will stick with me forever. Some worked side by side with Tom for years.

I can’t get over how great these books are and, seeing as they aren’t widely published, recommend getting your copy as soon as possible!

As a side note… I have had True Unity for quite some time and have just recently decided to purchase More Than A Horseman. I live in Germany and it was shipped from America – this kind of delivery usually takes weeks! When I ordered it, they said it would be at my house in a month or maybe more. It was here in… a week?? Yep! They paid a bit extra, as I saw on the packaging, to get it to me fast. Now that’s some great service.

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