Humanima Book List: Animals in Translation

This book captivated me right from the start. Absolutely fantastic!

Temple Grandin, the author of Animals in Translation, is an autistic woman who changes the lives of domesticated animals every day. Particularly for those unfortunate enough to be cows in slaughter houses. Time and time again, she has found correlations in how autistic people and animals view the world.

Her book is packed with great info on animal behavior as she muses personal experiences as well as results from behavioral research and experiments. She often says that her autism gives her the opportunity to relate to how animals feel in most situations. This gives her an amazing opportunity to help them and consult people as to how they can make their animal’s life even better.

Grandin is known for her work in slaughter houses. There is an audit that a slaughter house must pass in order to be considered “humane”. Well… as humane as they can get. So Grandin goes and puts herself in the cows’ hooves to see what might be spooking them or causing the pain or stress. It’s very captivating if learning about animal behavior is your kinda thing.

She covers such a wide basis. I agree with most everything she had to say. I most definitely give this book five stars, thumbs-up, high five, a grin, and a pat on the back.

It is fabulous. I’m in the process of reading another of her books – I’ll let you know if it’s a book worth reading!

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