How Do We Become Confident?

Through preparation and experience.

Everyone has had a lack of confidence about something at some point in their life. Whether it had to do with animals or not, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because all confidence comes from being prepared for the unthinkable and collecting experience.

You will never become a confident person if you constantly worry about what could happen. The answer to that question is: anything. Any time.

Don’t let that be a reason to become unconfident about life or working with animals! If we feared everything, we would never leave our homes or be able to achieve the unthinkable and feel what that’s like. So, to broaden our horizons and abilities, we have to prepare and practice!

Prepare for all of the crazy things that could happen. Get your horse used to scary objects bouncing and jumping around. Get your dog used to being around all sorts of animals, environments and situations. Make sure he or she listens very well to you. Prepare yourself and your animals to the point that you feel confident that you, as a team, can face anything. Be a leader!

Once you’ve come to this point, it’s simply a matter of experience. An experienced “animal person” will naturally be more confident dealing with animals than someone who has only seen bunnies at pet stores.

Don’t let a lack of confidence get in the way of you and your dreams! Work at your fears until they’ve dissolved. Take your time, go at your pace, but never stop working on your confidence.

Good luck!

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