Fresh & Engaged

Do little, often.

Most of the time, it’s better to leave it to short, frequent sessions with animals and people, instead of long, drawn out hours. The goal, my goal at least, is to play in the early morning and then again in the evening. I do everything I can to make a session more pleasurable for both me and the animal.

So I avoid running around in the sticky midday heat. In the mornings and evenings the air is fresh and everyone is more awake and lively in the absence of the hot sun. My ideal session starts out with a quick but thorough warmup – reviewing whatever doesn’t feel fluid. Then I make sure to introduce something new, going just up to the animal’s limit. Once even the slightest progress has been made (what I mean by “slightest”, depends on the individual animal), I cool down and just hang out for a while.

With short sessions, both your mind and the animal’s stay fresh and engaged. When it begins to get too long, it feels like you’re listening to a 12 hour lecture. Snore… It won’t be beneficial or productive for either of you.

Not to say that there aren’t times when having a longer session is appropriate. Every now and then, in order to end on a good note, you have to spend more time, and that is a good thing, too.

Just be wary of drawing a session out, or your animal will get bored and exhausted. Sort of like this dog…

Here is today’s update on my mustang “project”, Eclipse! Once again, it helps to make it full screen or go to the original page to view the subtitles.

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