Food Tip #1

I have a neat little trick for you and your cute dog!

Most dogs get fed dry dog food and it isn’t exactly the healthiest diet. So a great way to mix it up and give it a healthy twist, is to add some veggies (fibers). Dogs, as all animals, really need these fibers to aid digestion, amongst other things, and you have probably seen them eat grass for just this reason! It can often mean that they have a stomach ache or need to throw up (eating grass, that is).

My dog gets a raw meat and veggies/supplement diet. I have to make sure I mix in the important stuff that he needs! Since I don’t exactly have tons of time to prepare some extravagant meal, I freeze stuff!

So here’s the tip: Shred/grate carrots and apples in a blender or something (I have a machine that grates veggies). Form the shreds into little piles and put it on some wax paper. Then put it in the freezer! You then have perfect serving amounts of carrots to feed. Take it out the night/morning before feeding it and you have some fresh veggies to give your dog to keep him or her happy and healthy!

A nice change from boring old dry food, don’t you think?

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer


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