Exhausting an Athletic Dog…

… Not so easy!

Each time a high-energy dog runs, they get in better shape. Every run takes longer and longer to get the same (tired) results in the end. This is, mainly, because merely the body is being trained and not the mind and focus.

I might be physically drained after a run – but, depending how well trained I am, it could also feel refreshing. After a math exam… I will be out for the rest of the day. Focus (concentration) and using our brain can be so tiring!!

So what if you had an activity that combined physical excursion and the equivalent to a „math exam“? I speak from experience: I have a four year old McNab (Californian cattle dog). McNabs were bred to run for hours just to get to the cows and then herd them back all day – lasting hours and hours on end without a break or water. They are tough, very exercise-demanding and smart.

I can go on a bike ride with my dog for over 2 hours where he is sprinting the entire time. After sprinting as fast as he can go for 2 hours or more, he is sort of warmed up and panting slightly (no joke). But after a mere half hour of high-intensity training with me he is so tired he just wants to lay down right where he’s standing and sleep.

I am confident any dog, no matter how hyper, would be wiped out with this kind of training. Teach your dog some tricks (freestyle moves: active maneuvers!) like jumps, circling, weaving and train with them using these with lots of energy and keep it snappy! You can learn how to teach these moves on my DVD – find out more by clicking on this text. Stay tuned for the 2nd DVD – focusing solely on advanced maneuvers and tricks!

Here’s a video for some inspiration. Keep in mind: If my goal was to get my dog tired (or just my normal training routine) I work way faster with him and ask him to jump higher, run faster. Have fun!

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