My top 3 uses for Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be found in every corner of my house. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom where I use it as lotion. It’s everywhere.

Not only is coconut healthy for us, but our dogs benefit from it as well. Coconut oil seems to be the answer for everything.

I reach for it whenever something needs to be fixed, healed, cleaned, moisturised or cooked. The uses are endless.

Here are the top 3 ways I use it:

  1. Diet
    Your dog’s digestive system will need some time to adjust to having oil in the diet regularly. Don’t get overly motivated and feed your dog too much at once! Slowly increase the amounts. The end goal should be no more than a spoon a day.
    Why you it as a supplement? Your dog will quickly form a soft, shiny coat (and healthy skin), it deters fleas and ticks to some extent, reduces cancer risk, improves digestion and helps dogs with thyroid problems – to list simply a few benefits.
  2. Wounds
    The time when coconut oil comes in handy the most around here is when a dog gets neutered. My vet gives me medication to apply, but the oil really does the trick. Just a thin layer and the redness of the wound vanishes. I had a female dog who got spayed and the cut became infected. On a Sunday morning I woke up and her wound was oozing puss and yellow juices. To hold her over until Monday, I kept cleaning the wound and applying a small amount of coconut oil. It worked brilliantly! When Monday morning came, it was healed and I didn’t need to go to the vet anymore. This also work great for allergic reactions, cuts, burns and small wounds.
    Keep in mind – I am not a vet and am speaking simply of my own experiences. Each case and each dog is different so everything should be discussed with a vet first.
  3. A summer treat!
    For those summer days where you lay around the house, bored, because it’s too hot to move. Freeze up your dog’s daily oil to form a coconut cube! You can even mix it with dog-friendly fruits and/or veggies to create something nice for them to cool off with. A dog popsicle, if you will.

What do you use coconut oil for with your pets or in your home? I would love to hear all about it in the comments!


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