“Go Ride a Carousel…”

How weird is this??

I came across this picture and just stared at it for at least 5 minutes, wondering, “Why would I ride a horse if not for fun?”

At one of the barns I ride at, the riders don’t have fun with their horses under any circumstances. EVER.

I never see them smile when their horse does something good. Everything is very serious business when it comes to riding – that’s how they see it.

They look like someone woke them up at 5 a.m. and announced it was time to jog 15 miles.

Being someone who wants to take a natural approach, it feels odd to be in this environment. I see them slap their horses and call them “stupid”. Not to mention the horrified looks I get for practicing some dressage maneuvers bareback and in a halter.

“Look at that girl riding in a rope halter! She’s having way too much fun. All that smiling and feeling good about her horse… Why doesn’t she just go ride a carousel. This barn is for people who really suffer through the riding process correctly, and in riding pants – not jeans.”

Well, I’m making fun of my new riding-mates, but the point of this post is to remind yourself why you do what you do – with horses, dogs, dolphins, whatever.

Keep your dream in mind and have FUN achieving it!

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