Chimpanzee Funeral?

We have all experienced the death of a loved one – that is not the question.

The question is; do I mourn the way you do? Vice Versa? One step further… will chimps mourn as we do over the death of a family member or friend?

See for yourself!

Every being on this planet feels something – there’s no reason they should feel the same string of emotions. That’s what researchers studying these chimps are trying to figure out: Are they “mourning” in the human sense of the word? Are we simply assuming they are?

I find it obvious that a chimp would mourn the loss of a baby or friend, but it’s still interesting to observe and ponder. No matter what your views on the topic are, it’s an interesting video to watch!

After watching this: What are your thoughts? Have you had a pet mourn the loss of another? Seen a wild animal do the same?

It’s a complicated emotion – no matter what species you may be. That is not the question.

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