Harmony On Both Ends
Of The Leash



Latin for "breath, spirit".


Harmonious connection between humans & animals.

About me

I'm a California girl living in Frankfurt, Germany.

Until I was 18 years old I lived in Northern California. Before that in Greece and Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I was still a cute baby with extra rolls, I crawled with all the animals on the farm. As that baby started to walk and grow up, nonhuman animals continued to be play a huge roll in my life.

With one of my dogs, Mowgli, I did demonstrations - one of them was in front of 3,000 people, along with my horse. All of these experiences and my lifelong work with animals has led me to choose a profession which reflected just that. I wouldn't have it any other way and refused to consider options which didn't involve nonhuman animals.

Since 2012, I've been a self-employed guide dog for the blind trainer. To go from taming mustangs, starting young horses, training dogs and learning from great teachers to training guide dogs for the blind in a big city was a huge shift! Nevertheless, I persisted and learned so much from it.

Since moving to Frankfurt, I have been living in a small house right next to a large forest with my dogs and boyfriend. Naturally, the forest is where I spend most of my time!

About Humanima

I needed an outlet for all of the thoughts setting up camp in my mind. Constantly observing nonhuman animals, constantly reading books about them, constantly working and playing with dogs and horses… my time and my mind was filled with what we now call Anthrozoology. In 2010 I didn’t know that. All I knew, was that I needed a platform to work through my emotions, thoughts and discoveries on the subject of human and nonhuman interactions and relationships.

In the beginning I was writing multiple posts per week. Unstoppable! Thoughts spilled over my keyboard and I couldn’t type fast enough to keep up with them. Then life happened. After moving to Frankfurt, Germany, and starting to work full-time as a self-employed guide dog for the blind trainer, my posts came to a rather abrupt halt. It pains me, but it was not in vain.

Since becoming a professional trainer, I have learned so much and my knowledge has only deepened because of it. Now my journey has taken a slightly unexpected turn. I am getting my Masters in Anthrozoology from the University of Exeter and it has been the most amazing experience.

This programme not only supports my future career choices, but helps bring my readers even more interesting topics to explore.

I love receiving your messages and questions under: tiamat@humanima.de


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