Effective as a fly…

One fly buzzing around a room and landing in the same spot for longer than even 2 minutes can be the most annoying thing in the world.

I could be studying in a library while a marching band with trumpets and drums suddenly marches through and it would definitely surprise me. But they would move on or I would get used to the sound and tune it out a bit.

If I was in that library and a tiny fly kept buzzing around, it would get to me.

Think about that when you work with animals (well, with people too…). Sure, you can smack a horse and most of them will move (marching band!). Then again, you could also tickle them with the tip of the whip on their hind leg. At first they might try to ignore it. Then they won’t be able to. Then they’ll kick or move. That’s when that „fly“ (tickling whip) suddenly disappears!

The next time you do that, your horse will just say, „Stop right there. I’m moving already. I’ll do anything, just stop being so annoying!!“

Sure, some horses will take longer than others, but flies are patient in their own way… and extremely annoying. See how you can be more like a fly rather than a marching band.

Untitled by Jerry Cagle on 500px I own no rights to this photo

Untitled by Jerry Cagle on 500px
I own no rights to this photo

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