Don’t arrive empty-handed!

All over the world, it is common courtesy to bring a gift to someone’s home. It doesn’t matter if they are your best friends, relatives, or it is your first time visiting a business colleague. You make an effort to bring a bottle of wine, a salad, or maybe a desert.

When we step into our horse’s pasture or stall, we are stepping into their home. It is where they live and needs to be respected. When we visit someone we (usually) don’t just barge in without a knock or a „hello“, and we bring something with us.

Does this change how you view approaching your horse now? What do you bring with you? A carrot will do. Or maybe a bucket of water or a nice long scratch on a hard-to-reach spot. This causes our horse to really look forward to our visits.

It’s the same thing when grandma or auntie visits. You see their car or hear their voice and you get excited. Maybe they brought some baked goods or a little gift for you… or just a really good mood and a smile!

We expect our horses to do a lot for us for no reason. What do they get out of it? How does it benefit them? Well, I’m sure you could think of some reasons… but would your horse understand it and agree?

Bring something to the table to offer your horse – take the time to give them something they’ll really enjoy.


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