Coconut Oil Brilliance

If I could choose one thing to keep in my medicine cabinet, it would be coconut oil.

It has saved me in two emergencies with my dogs. They got infections from being castrated and putting coconut oil on the wounds for a day or two completely healed it and got rid of the infection!!

Humans and animals can take it orally and topically for amazing health benefits (google it now!) and my dogs get a spoonful a day as an attempt to prevent sickness.

A Labrador of mine was spayed and healing fine when suddenly, under the incision, a huge lump (the size of those fat lumps that old dogs get) formed and the entire wound was oozing puss and becoming very red. I wasn’t sure how she got this because she’d been wearing the cone and I had kept it very clean. As you can imagine, I was freaking out and wasn’t sure what the cause was or what the remedy would be. My vet gave me a cream for it, which didn’t make any difference (of course it cost almost 20 Euros).

Knowing how much coconut oil helps me, I applied some to her wound a few times a day for about two days. On the second day, the lump was just gone! Totally disappeared! A similar thing happened recently with another Labrador of mine. He got neutered and it became fairly infected. The coconut oil healed it upon touching the wound.

I’ve also found it helpful with colds. Recently some of my dogs started getting a light congested and eating some extra coconut oil seemed to help.

It really is a miracle remedy and I can’t recommend it enough. The great thing is, nothing can become worse from coconut oil. Worst case scenario, the coconut oil doesn’t help.

If you’re looking into buying some (I suggest having a big jar of it shipped to you from, remember to get Virgin coconut oil. That means it hasn’t been processed and still has all of its raw, helpful parts.

Hopefully your animals will be so healthy you’ll never need it, but if they do, this stuff will come to the rescue!

Photo: Alexander Mils

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