I have had so much going on the past few weeks… months? It’s been difficult to find the time and clear state of mind to write regular posts. But, just as it’s starting to get warm here in Germany, I am finding fresh air and things are less hectic. It will be easier to live in the moment! Which is exactly what I want to write about today.

Animals always amaze me with their ability to completely change from one moment, one second, to the next. Time and time again I meet a horse or a dog who are totally crazy. Perhaps terrified, aggressive, overly reactive,  or hyper. Then something changes: environment, food, exercise or the humans and/or animals with whom they live.

It also seems surprising that the animals who seem most “extreme” are also the ones who change most drastically and often times do so quickly. From my experience those difficult cases are animals who are actually very smart. They just wanted to take their life in their own hands – leading to them becoming frantic.

Recently I’ve experienced two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Labrador, who changed so much I couldn’t believe it. The German Shepherd pulled so hard on the leash with her prior owner that she was walking on her hind legs. Jumped at cars driving by, wanted to go into every store, and when forced to stand in one place, would jump around like a rabbit on a trampoline. I took her home, she got out of my car, and just sat there looking at me with calm eyes. She didn’t pull once on the leash and was just the sweetest dog – never even looking at a passing canine or human!!

I also had a Labrador who barked at my boy friend when he came through the door and pulled on the leash, etc. When she came to my house, she was the most perfect dog I could ever imagine. She walked on a loose leash and was calm in every situation.

I admire the courage, flexibility and trust that these animals have to change, just like that. I’m sure they don’t forget what happened to them. But I’m not asking them to. I am just addicted to seeing that change, that click, happen for them.

Unknown Photographer

Unknown Photographer

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