Clean Slates

“A lot of people approach their barn or horse like they are going to war, because it’s been going badly. So you pick up the next day in a defensive mode instead of cleaning the slate and starting fresh. Animals live so much in the moment, so if you’re bringing baggage from yesterday you’re already at a loss. We do that with people too….” – Cindy Meehl

This is a great quote to live by when it comes to horses, but also with every other living species. If yesterday went badly, don’t pick up on that note the next day. When that becomes a habit in our lives, we won’t get anywhere. Start by  cleaning the slate and starting fresh. Good luck!

Here’s an update on how my mustang project, Eclipse, is doing:

Make the image full screen or, even better, go to the video’s Youtube page to view these videos!

Somehow, the subtitles aren’t fully visible if you don’t do that.


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