„Chimpanzee“ Movie

A+! 5*! I watched the movie „Chimpanzee“ yesterday and can’t recommend it highly enough.

Super filming and a (true) story line that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I watched it in german, but even the translation was done well!! The whole time I couldn’t stop imagining the film team running through the jungle, filming these chimpanzees and getting such awesome shots! The filming was truly outstanding and made it feel very personal.

There were many moments where the chimpanzees looked right into the camera lens and it felt as if they were looking directly at me. The story starts when the chimpanzee, Oscar, is a newborn and follows him as his family gets pushed out of their territory by another chimpanzee group. At one point he becomes an orphan and what happens next is just wonderful. Definitely worth the movie ticket. 🙂

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