Can you hear the bells?

Often we correct our animals without noticing. We nag. It seems harmless, but our animals actually get used to it and we will need to make larger corrections in the future for them to respond.

Want a tip?

Try putting a bell on your dog’s collar. Every time the leash tightens (lifts) or you give a light correction, it will jingle! Fits perfectly for the December spirit, right?

Remove it when they’re running around off leash or you’re at home so that it doesn’t get on everyone’s nerves…

This little challenge will make you realize just how much you nag your dog.

So how can we stop nagging?

  • Become aware that you’re doing it. This is definitely Step 1.
  • Contemplate whether you need to be correcting your dog when you do, or it’s just habit.
  • Make your corrections count. Correct when they do something they know they shouldn’t, and correct big enough that you got their attention and they understood what they did. How you correct, varies from dog to dog. Then go back to being neutral and friendly, as if nothing happened.
  • Summed up: Correct them or don’t! None of this in between stuff! Be clear with your intentions.

You’ll notice your dog become generally more at ease and well behaved because of it, and you’ll find yourself relax as well. Tell me what you discover while doing this challenge in the comments below. 🙂


Companions by Michael Ares I own no rights to this photo

Companions by Michael Ares
I own no rights to this photo

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