Can Crows Clean Up Our Mess?

I’ve always been aware of the uniqueness of a crow. I spot them almost daily all over town, but isn’t it unnatural to see a wild bird become so well integrated into human society? Crows don’t appear to be particularly special: bearing no where near the intriguing colors a parrot could flaunt. No unique mating dance. No feathers that leave us standing in awe. They seem fairly plain: hopping and cawing. However, after a surprisingly short time observing a crow, we can see how unbelievably clever they truly are. How will we make use of this new partnership between crows and humans? They have accustomed their way of life around us and where we live. You’ll never find them too far off from a town or city, and their crow population is growing exponentially. Can we benefit from their presence? Joshua Klein, in the video below, gives a wonderful, very well-researched presentation on exactly that. Enjoy!

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