An Inspiration: Michelle Dennis

Michelle Dennis walking on her bridleless horses.

This photo should be all I have to show for you to understand why Michelle Dennis has become such an inspiration to me. No? It wasn’t enough for me, either. In fact, I’ve spent most of my time during the past few days researching everything I could find about her on the internet. Cyber-stalking! But it has been eye-opening, inspiring, refreshing…

You may know from one or two of my previous posts that I have been a working student for David Lichman, 5-star Parelli Professional, in the past years (click here to view his website!). It was through watching one of David’s podcasts that I found out about Michelle and I am so glad I did. Check it out…

Hearing about her lifestyle, living way out in the middle of a place she loves and not surrounded by people, is a lifestyle that really attracts me. I find it attractive. That’s not something that most people can relate to.

While I am a social person and love being with tons of interesting, fun, inspiring, challenging individuals to run around and have interesting discussions with, I also find inspiration and motivation is often found deep within, in those moments when we can go about exploring and learning uninterrupted.

I insist on being a complete loner at times. I would love to live out in “the middle of nowhere” with all of my animals and only the few things I need. A focused life and a challenging one. A silent one and one that can really get busy when you live with that many animals. I’ve always admired that life but learning about Michelle, seeing and hearing her talk and play with her companions, inspired me in a way that I haven’t been in a long time.

Many people, let’s talk about horsemen and women for now, get to a certain point and say, “Okay, that’s good. I’m great at this.” Or something of that manner, and don’t challenge themselves to strive further. They believe there is nothing left for them to learn – they are a master. They just know everything.

What I liked immediately about Michelle, was that she has no boundaries set up about what she can and can not accomplish with her animals and is constantly taking her skills that one step further. Plus, they all play with her voluntarily. That says something about their relationship.

She is imaginative, motivated, and challenges her and her horses and donkeys to the limit. Their physical, emotional, and mental limit. From what I can see, she’s an exquisite leader!

I’m going to touch on many, many, many of the topics that Michelle talks about in her videos and a few articles that I’ve read (whilst cyber-stalking) in a few shorter posts later on. So, if you like what she has to offer, stay tuned for those! In the mean time, enjoy this video… I absolutely adored it.

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